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Wine Storage in Bedford Hills, NY


At Katonah Self Storage, we understand the importance of storing your wine in a safe and secure environment. Our wine storage facility offers individual lockers in a variety of sizes that are both temperature and humidity controlled. We keep our wine storage area at 55 degrees F year-round and make sure it is secure in our state-of-the art surveillance system with keypad access. Other key features of our wine storage:

Designed Area

Separate and secure area with individual personal code access security

Security System

Digital surveillance system with 24-hour backup ensuring constant monitoring and information retrieval

Climate Control

Store your wines for years and have a good taste after years.

Cooling System

Completely independent dual unit cooling system with constant temperature monitoring

Power Backup

On-site, gas-fired, back-up generator ensuring 24-hour power supply for cooling, safety and security systems

Individual Lockers

Private, individual, ventilated storage lockers with the capacity to store from 12 to 84 cases, each with personalised key access


*Discounts: Pay year in full = 13th mo free!


Whether you are an individual wine collector or a restaurant looking to store your wine inventory, Katonah Self Storage can surpass your needs.  Please contact our Self Storage Manager for information on availability.

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